Greetings! My name is Greg Shultz, and I have lived in Orlando, Florida, since 1991, which is when my computer-related endeavors advanced beyond the hobbyist level, and when I made the big mistake of trashing my TRS-80, depriving myself of the opportunity of selling it for a million bucks years later to the Smithsonian.

During my career I have contracted IT services (via W2, 1099, and corp-to-corp agreements) to some of Central Florida’s largest companies that have included Electronic Data Systems (EDS), Walt Disney World, Seagate Software, Price Waterhouse, PaySys International, Martin Marietta, and scores of small- to medium-sized companies. I have worked in many disciplines within the IT field, including IT management, network administration and engineering, systems security, routing and switching, programming, and web design.

I am presently available to provide IT services to home offices and companies of any size on a corp-to-corp basis, through my company Shultz Technologies Corporation. Will also consider W2 and 1099-contract work for short-term, part-time projects, if that will make the accounting easier for your enterprise.