University of Central Florida

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (B.S.B.A.)
Majored in Management Information Systems (MIS)

Valencia College

Associate of Arts (A.A.)
Majored in General Studies

UCF Curriculum

BUL 3130: Legal and Ethical Environment of Business
Analysis of the law as a dynamic social and political institution in the business environment, including ethical considerations. (Grade: A)

ECO 3411: Quantitative Business Tools II
The use of statistical methods as scientific tools in the analysis of economics and business problems. (Grade: A-)

FIN 3403: Business Finance
With the balance sheet as a reference point, this course provides an introduction and overview of the acquisition, financing, and management of business assets. (Grade: A)

GEB 3031: The Cornerstone Course (6 Credit Hours)
An orientation to opportunities and challenges facing managers in contemporary business organizations. Introduces competencies of team work, communication, creative thinking, and adapting to change. (Grade: A)

GEB 3356: Introduction to International Business
Understanding the interdependence of globalized world economy and similarities and dissimilarities between domestic and international business domains. (Grade: A)

ISM 3005: MIS Techniques
Introduction to computer use required of users and developers of management information systems. (Grade: A)

ISM 3011: Management Information Systems
An introduction to the management and use of information technology in organizations. (Grade: A)

ISM 4090: Seminar in Management Information Systems
New Developments in management information systems in a business environment. (Grade: A)

ISM 4113: Information Systems Analysis and Design
Structured approaches to the development of computer-based information systems in business. (Grade: A)

ISM 4130: Information Systems Implementation
Management of information systems development in business. (Grade: A)

ISM 4212: Database Management
Design and implementation of relational databases in organizations. (Grade: A)

ISM 4220: Distributed Information Systems
Computer networking and communications. Managerial and technical dimensions of client/server and other modes of distributed and decentralized computing in business. Distributed database design and implementation. (Grade: A)

ISM 4300: Technology Management
The Strategy and theory of the design, development, adoption, and management of new information technologies. (Grade: A)

ISM 4400: Decision Support
Computer-based quantitative modes and decision support systems in organizations. (Grade: A)

MAN 3025: Management of Organizations
Introduction to the theory and practice of managing formal organizations, including planning, organization theory, human behavior and control. (Grade: A)

MAN 4240: Organizations: Theory and Behavior
A course providing a micro/macro approach to the study of organizations by integrating organizational theory and organizational behavioral science concepts. (Grade: A)

MAN 4720: Strategic Management
Students assume a strategic view of organizations and integrate and apply material learned in their business courses to modern organizational problems and opportunities. (Grade: B+)

MAR 3023: Marketing
Study of functions, institutions, and basic problems in marketing of goods and services in our domestic economy and abroad. (Grade: A)

UCF GPA: 3.95
GPA in MIS Major: 4.0