Hello, my name is Greg Shultz, and I have lived in Orlando, Florida, since 1991, which is when my computer-related endeavors advanced beyond the hobbyist level, and when I made the big mistake of trashing my TRS-80, depriving myself of the opportunity of selling it for a million bucks years later to the Smithsonian (or maybe just enough for the price of a 12-pack).

The spelling of my last name has apparently been difficult for most humans I’ve encountered to come to terms with. There is no “c” in my last name. Honestly, it just isn’t there. I once considered legally changing the spelling of my last name, as I figured I was probably missing out on a lot of emails that could have changed my life. But since the first Shultz made his way to Ellis Island in 1794, the “c” has mostly been absent. At some point through the ages, one of my ancestors added the “c” and the name was spelled “Schultz” for decades, until two men named Schultz moved to Kingston, Tennessee, at which point the mailman got confused and the local postmaster suggested that one of the men change the spelling of their surname. I don’t know if they arm-wrestled or what, but my ancestor lost and he had to legally lose the “c”, and life has been confusing ever since. Such are the breaks in life.

During my time on the planet, and more specifically here in Orlando, I have contracted IT services to some of Central Florida’s largest companies that have included Electronic Data Systems (EDS), Walt Disney World, Seagate Software, Price Waterhouse, PaySys International, Lockheed Martin, and scores of small- to medium-sized companies. I have worked in many disciplines within the IT field, including IT management, network administration and engineering, systems security, routing and switching, programming, and web development.

I am presently the president and CEO of Shultz Technologies Corp.

And that’s the lowdown on the man behind this curtain.