A Short Intro

Welcome to my website. As far as spelling is concerned, there are two ways to access this site, which were largely necessitated by people who insist on placing a “c” in my last name. So you can type geschultz.com and still come to the right place.

I once considered legally changing the spelling of my last name, as I figured I was probably missing out on a lot of emails that could have changed my life. But since the first Shultz made his way to Ellis Island in 1794, the “c” has mostly been absent. At some point through the ages, one of my ancestors added the “c” and the name was spelled “Schultz” for decades, until two men named Schultz moved to Kingston, Tennessee, at which point the mailman got confused and the local postmaster suggested one of the men change the spelling of their surname. I don’t know if they arm-wrestled or what, but my ancestor lost and he had to legally lose the “c”, and life has been confusing ever since. Such are the breaks in life.

I own a company named Shultz Technologies Corporation that I founded in 1999. I had a devil of a time with that name, too, and have since resorted to using DBA’s that just begin with STC. I own the domain name stcflorida.com, and I’ll soon begin working on that site and then I won’t mention to anyone that my last name is Shultz and just hope no one asks.

Anyway, enough of all that. I’m an IT guy going back many moons and, after this post, IT topics are what I’ll be sticking to, because that’s what I know, and I believe I can share bits and bytes of knowledge with those not as seasoned as I am. My company will soon have a web development arm (sound less snooty than saying division or subsidiary), and I might occasionally mention related topics here.

I’ll soon add pages to this website that reveal more about the man behind the curtain. That would be me.

Until next time,